Updating GeoIP databaseΒΆ


Currentrly django-geoip supports only ipgeobase.ru backend.

To update your database with fresh entries (adds new geography and completely replaces all IpRegions with fresh ones):

python manage.py geoip_update


This is irreversible operation, do not use on production!

If you wish to clear all geodata prior the sync (deletes all Cities, Regions, Countries and IpRanges):

python manage.py geoip_update --clear

New in version 0.3.1: To reduce the size of indexes and database you can exclude countries from import. It’s achieved by specifying only needed county codes in settings:



If you’re having 2006, 'MySQL server has gone away' error during database update, setting max_allowed_packet to a higher value might help. E.g. max_allowed_packet=16M